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Check me on that chorus though! AHAH.

Don’t hate, we were extremely bored. I think it came along pretty well.

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Under Construction.

I’m off to create my own awesome Tumblr theme for one sole purpose.


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October, the best month of the school year.

This is it.

The month that all of Moreau waits for.


October is the month of the homecoming game and dance (BLAH. I still need to ask someone! :T )

But more importantly…. OCTOBER is the month containing the most important week of the entire year. SPIRIT WEEEEEEEEEEEK!

This time around, October will have me pretty busy. I’ll be filming shooting and shooting some more! I’ll probably be selling my famous spirit week DVD’s again this year, and I’ll have to edit that. I need to shoot for yearbook photos AND I have to shoot for Digital Photography.

Don’t get me wrong, I love being the awesome photojournalist that I have come to be known as, but I also want to enjoy the dances and skits on the bleachers with my class. But I guess I’ll have to get used to it from now on.


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Sophomore Schedule 2009 - 2010

2  Hon. Geometry - Kaufman, Eric       D15

4  Hon World History - Parker, Robert  D07

6  Spanish 2 - Patterson, Ana            A04

8  LUNCH                                       Stu. Center

1  English 10 - McGowan, Nichole      

3  Biology - Kleczek, Jana

5  LUNCH                                        Stu. Center

7  Digi. Photography - McKenna, Paul   A12/TV Studio

7  Moral Theology - Fernandez, Jaime  G23

9  Christology - Fernandez, Jaime       G23

9  Intermediate P.E. - Barnes, Jeff      Main Gym

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My phone is at the bottom of a murky lake…

Alright. So I went camping last weekend and me and my mom’s friend’s kids decided to go onto a paddle boat.

I was using my phone on speaker, cause my dad called. Once we docked I put my phone into my pocket and got up. My phone slipped out of my pocket and I put my hands out to attempt to catch it, but I missed and it made a neat plopping sound into the water. Oh joy.

I’ve been looking at phones since the fiasco and I’m leaning towards getting the LG enV Touch. We’re heading to the VZW store toMorrow and I might come home w/ it. WIN. Peace.

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Soph. Year

My attitude towards this wouldn’t be what most call exited. I have a weird feeling about next school year..

I know it’ll be harder, but I fear it’ll be overwhelming. This is pretty normal for me though. I get it every summer. I just hope I can handle it and have fun at the same time.

I can do this.

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Blogging from the comfort of my iPod

Here I am once again, without the luxury that I call my MacBook. Although, with today’s technology, we consumers can equip ourselves with the tools we need to keep our social lives in tact.

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Everybody has their own expectations of you

Have you ever felt like you could never live up to what others expect of you? I certainly have. ]: An example would have to be PARENTS. Don’t get me wrong, I love my parents a whole lot. But sometimes (especially for my dad) they expect me to react/make decisions/think/act JUST like them. I believe that they need to understand that their kids are NOT an exact replica of themselves, and they don’t have the same brain or thought process as they do. They need to accept that we are different, forgive, and then FORGET. Maybe then the term “I hate my parents” wouldn’t exist in our vocabulary. I think that a majority of all fights that emerge between parents and their children are caused by the fact that the parent is ignorant and can’t accept their child’s differences. Who knows? Maybe if life was like this, we wouldn’t want to move out when the time comes. But then again, that is just my opinion.

I just wanted to remind you that I just typed this whole post on my iPod Touch, peace!

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Nikon D80

Nikon D80

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My first post, from my iPod Touch.

The reason for this you ask? My MacBook is dead and I brought the charger, but there aren’t any avaliable outlets… -_-. The bright side to this is that I’ll get more practice typing on apple’s sad excuse for a qwerty keyboard! YAY!

So. I’ve been out of school for almost a whole week now and don’t have to go back until august. You’d think I’d be exited, right? Wrong. I have nothing to do at home but tweet on Twitter and chat on iChat. Most of my friends are still in school, so kickit’s anywhere are out of the question until mid-June. I REALLY need to find a legit excuse to get out of the house. Well until I do, that’s all for now!

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